Indian Express (AP), Vishakapatnam - 1986

City Artist's Passion for Colors From simple oil-painting to refined arts like miniature painting on silk, aluminium embossed paintings, fabric painting and decoupage (Work on plates), Mrs Sagar has all ways been wanting to try new experiements with her brush mostly developing ideas after reading.

Babita Krishnan, The Free Press Journal, Mumbai - 1998

Projecting hidden emotions on canvas Bharati Sagar is one for whom the canvas is a way of reaching out and relating to the world around. Though essentially comfortable with painting figures, she loves experimenting from time to time.

H. A. Anil Kumar, - Art Critic, Times of India - 2000

The best among Bharati Sagar's works are those wood drawings on off white surfaces. They are mostly drawings of women. They form the image of walls. In other words, the idea that a drawing exists 'on' a wood like surface is what is being presented here.

Amol Ghosh-Prof. Fine Arts, London - 2000

Art for Bharati has been the vehicle to both convey and confront the norms of society... Bharati has achieved both; to tell her story with passion and conviction, and balancing the politic with the aesthetic

Yusuf Arakkal, Bangalore-2000

I am taken to Bharati's works for their sincerity in approach had a controlled simplicity that points to an emerging pernsonal style.. Her works are linear in nature and striking for the very reason of the dominating line...Colour is sparingly and judiciously used achieve luminosity. The underplayed surface textures infuse a graphic sense, as a statement of a matured artist.

Rajen Bali, Art Critic, Kolkota-2000

Bharati Sagar's Works are islands-of-evocation in the sea of artistic mediocrity... The artistic content of her work achieves a good balance with the thought-content. The result is art which has an immediate impact and which provokes thinking for long

Mr. Prem Singh, Former Principal, Fine arts college Chandigarh-2008

Bharati sagar's Paintings are very lyrical