About Me

About Me

Born in 1949 Bharati Sagar studied at The Fine Arts and Architecture College, Hyderabad. She also studied Commercial Art from B.I.E.T, Bombay.

Bharati works in a range of materials including oils watercolour charcoal, mixmedia and ceramics.

She has held shows in India and abroad since 1979 and participated in several group shows in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai Chandigarh and Kolkata, apart from Muscat, Italy and Chicago.

She has won several awards, the Lalit Kala Parishad Award in 1987 and 1988 in Andhra Pradesh and the Chitra Kala Parishad State Award. She has participated in several workshops since 1989 including a workshop and exhibition with German Painter, Kosehniider Ivan at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Calcutta,Vitrium tiles, with Amal Ghosh-Prof. Fine Arts London and a work shop in stained glass by renowned British artist Patricks Reynatiens, organized by British Council. Her works are in the collection of several prestigious institutions and international buyers.

She lives and works in Bangalore.

My Exhibitions

Year 1979

Group show at East West Hotel, Bangalore

Year 1982

Solo show at East West Hotel at Bangalore

Year 1988

Solo show at Vishakpatnam.

Year 1989

Group show at Lalit Kala Parishad, Vishakhapatnam

Exhibition at Chitrakala Parishad Art Mela in Machlipatnam

Year 1994

Group show at Dhrishti Art Gallery, Kolkata

Year 1996

Group show at Dhrishti Art Gallery, Kolkata

Year 1997

Group show at Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta

Year 1999

Solo show paintings and ceramics, Birla Academy, Kolkata

Year 2000

Solo show at Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore

Year 2002

Annual show Chitrakala Parishad

Year 2003

Group show (Thirty One Contemporary Artists of India) at Hotel Oberoi by Gallerie Sara Arakkal and Habiart of Delhi

Year 2004

International Group Show of AISG New Delhi Hand Fans of Indian Continent by Jatin Das Crafts Museum (Permanent)

Group show of 25 Eminent & Upcoming Women Artists of India held by Gallerie Sara Arrakal

Group show at Neleh Art Gallery, Chicago

Year 2005

Art Camp by eminent Artist Yusuf Arakkal for Tsunami Relief Fund followed by show in Mumbai.

Group show – Windsor Manner and Time and Space Art Gallery with eminent artist Dhiraj Chowdry curated by Renu George, Time and Space Art Gallery.

Show at Chitrakala Parishad

Year 2006

Sara Arakkal Galarie Annual show

Year 2007

Annual Group Show at Galrie Sara Arakkal

Year 2008

Solo show at Galerie Sara Arakkal.

To participate in auction organized by a team of senior artists of Kolkatta headed by Sunil Gangopadhya ,Jogen Chowdhry and Ganesh Haloi.for Kolkata International Foundation For Arts And Culture

Solo Show at Galerie Sara Arakkal Bangalore

group show in Muscat by Gallery Varnayaaga

My Awards

Year 1987

Lalitkala Parishad: Best Award (A.P.)

Year 1988

Lalitkala: First Prize for Seascape Spot Painting

Year 1989

Chitrakala Parishad Award, Machlipatnam

My Workshops

Year 1989

Workshop / Exhibition at Chitrakala Art Mela at Machlipatnam

Year 1995

Participated in a workshop on stained glass by renowned British Artist, Patricks Reynatiens organized by the British Council, Calcutta.

Year 1996

A workshop on Vitrium Tiles by Amal Ghosh, a well known artist from London at Govt. College of Arts and Craft.

Year 1997

Worked with and exhibited works with German Painter, Kosehmider Ivan at Birla Academy of Arts and Culture, Calcutta.

Year 2002

Lalitkala Academy Art work shop at Valley School Art Village, Bangalore.

Year 2003

Art camp by eminent artist Yusuf Arakkal for Tsunami Relief Fund.

Year 2005

Art camp around Bangalore organized by Time and Space Gallery Bangalore and eminent artist Dhiraj Chowdury.

Year 2007

Invited to work at LalitKala Academy Studios Garhi, New Delhi (by Chairman L.K.A) starting 15th March 2007.